Postpartum Doula Training

The postpartum period is a tender, transformational time for a new family. Postpartum doulas have a sacred role in walking alongside the postpartum family as they make this profound transition. We bring a wealth of knowledge, compassion, love, and skill that enhances and supports the postpartum experience for our clients. At EDT, we believe strongly that postpartum doulas serve as hands-on healers, biologically-informed baby care educators, nourishers, listeners, and helpers. 

Therefore, we offer trainings to new and experienced doulas alike, who want to come to your postpartum work with a certain depth that is not offered precisely this way elsewhere. In our trainings, you will learn not only the basics of postpartum recovery, baby care, and feeding support, but more importantly, how to listen, guide, and support the postpartum parent as they figure out who they are after giving birth. So much of postpartum work looks very subtle, and often new postpartum doulas get locked into roles of housekeeping and baby holding. While those can be helpful to new families, there is often a gap of emotional support skills that are not taught to doulas in training. We also offer thoughtfully presented information on a variety of global postpartum healing protocols and traditions. 

All of our students receive a Doula Book for their training subject, that includes extensive information on all the topics we believe it is important for our doulas to know, pre-workshop exercises, and space for live work during your training. This book serves as a resource you can always go back to post-training, and fits beautifully in your doula bag as well!

Postpartum embodiment doula work goes beyond looking out for postpartum mood disorder red flags, beyond making peri pads, beyond teaching diapering skills, though you will receive all of that as well. You will learn how to connect to your clients on a deep level that supports them body-mind-spirit. You will be able to confidently facilitate their exploration and engagement with their body, their sexuality, their relationships, their baby, their belief systems, their parenting goals, and more. You’ll have the knowledge necessary to promote biologically/evolutionarily based, embodied baby care, helping parents bond, connect, and understand their baby in ways that our culture lacks. With our Embodied Method of doula support, you will meet clients where they are, help them navigate early parenthood in ways that acknowledge the evidence and evolution of human mammals, and be able to distill that into practices that fit within your clients’ unique context. 

Our trainings are built on more than just passion. You will feel capable and supported when you leave our training, knowing that you have tangible skills you can begin using right away, and knowing that you have ongoing mentorship and community as an EDT doula. Our certification process is also different, because it’s about time someone change the way doulas are trained and certified. We give our certification candidates 18 months to complete the process from the time of purchasing the certification packet. We are joining the growing movement of organizations who offer lifetime certification! See below to learn more about our training and certification process.


Training Options

Foundations Courses

Our Foundations course is the fullest expression of our curriculum–where you will receive the tools you need to start working with families right away. You will learn the basics of postpartum, as well as our Embodied philosophy and what makes our approach to doula work different. In this in-person or virtual workshop, you will get hands-on experiential learning of the materials you will have already encountered in your Doula Book prior to training. You will bond and collaborate with a cohort of doulas from your community or region, all working toward the goal of initiating or strengthening your doula practice. You will be invited to share, discuss, try, and experience a myriad of approaches and topics. 

This course may be for you if…

-You’ve never taken a doula training before

-You’ve taken a doula training in recent years but were dissatisfied in some way

-You’ve taken a doula training from another org but don’t feel ready to start working with clients

-You see yourself reflected in our community

-You’ve witnessed or supported birth or postpartum independently, and you’d like to learn how to make it your career

Expansions Courses

This 1-day course is an intimate space to heal from the dominant doula paradigm, as well as dismantle and unlearn its messages. Rather than ask you to re-train through our org, we offer this for experienced doulas as a way to support you finding your own path. Too many of us have felt misled, harmed, or indoctrinated by the dominant doula ideology, and we are stepping into the new era of what it means to be a doula. We are here to support you in making the sometimes painful, but undoubtedly fruitful rebirth into a new way of thinking about your work. We’re here to be the ones to tell you that what has felt true within you is ready to be seen. This course is offered separately to birth doulas and postpartum doulas.

This course may be for you if…

-You’ve been a doula for many years and want to find a new “home” 

-You’ve been a doula for many years and need a certification for COVID regulations but doing a complete re-train would be overkill due to your experience level

-You want to “unlearn” the dominant doula paradigm 

-You see yourself reflected in our community

-You want to heal from abuse you have received from your original doula org, the doula community, etc.

-You want to expand your doula practice by diving deeper into embodied, intuitive work

Certification Requirements

New to Postpartum work

Brand new to becoming a doula? If you are taking our Foundations course, here's your certification path!

Trained/Certified with another org

Have some experience but prefer to take our Foundations course? Here's the certification path for you!


New To Postpartum Work

Foundations Training $750

Includes 1st year of membership & certification fee

Trained/ Certified by Other Org

Foundations Training $650 

Includes free year of membership & certification fee 

***Already trained and/or certified with another org in this subject? Be sure to put in the coupon code “crosstrain” when registering to get the special $650 price. This discount code only applies to Foundations courses.***

***Already an Embodied Doula Trainings Member? Use the discount code “membersonly” at checkout.***

These two codes may not be combined in check out.

Expansions Courses
Training Fee $400
1 Year Of Membership & Lifetime Certification Included

**Doulas who take our Expansions courses will receive certification after the course is completed, if they so desire to receive it. It is included in the price of the training, and there are no further certification requirements. We do this because those who choose our Expansions course have already had experience working, and are coming to the space for healing and access to support. It is part of our service to our community to offer certification to Expansions students should they desire it.**

Additional materials costs will vary doula to doula. These are the only fees you will owe to EDT, with the exception of late certification review fees. Membership is required to take our trainings but is not required, only encouraged, ongoing.

Ready to start your journey as a Postpartum doula?

Postpartum Doula Expansions Training 2021

November 14th

Location: Virtual

Taught by Zoë Etkin & Celina Wigle-Olias-Varga

Full Payment Due by November 1


Start Your 2-Month Payment Plan by November 1

Questions about this training? Please contact Zoë Etkin at

Postpartum Doula Foundations Training 2021

Saturday & Sunday, November 6-7

Location: Santa Clarita, CA

Taught by Samantha Davis

Full Payment Due by October 15


Start Your 3-Month Payment Plan by October 15

Questions about this training? Please contact

Postpartum Doula Foundations Training 2022

Saturday & Sunday, January 22-23rd

Location: Virtual, 8-5pm Pacific Time

Taught by Sam Davis & Celina Wigle-Olias-Varga

Full Payment Due by December 15


Start Your 3-Month Payment Plan by December 15

Postpartum Doula Foundations Training 2022

Saturday & Sunday, March 5-6th

Location: Memphis, TN

Taught by Zoë Etkin

Full Payment Due by January 15


Start Your 3-Month Payment Plan by January 15

Questions about this training? Please contact Zoë Etkin at