What is the point of creating a doula organization if our trainings are inaccessible to those who need them most? We want to increase access to doula trainings for populations who may have barriers. Part of that means we are continually working to be an inclusive and actively anti-racist organization. Currently, the following is what we can offer. We are working with several organizations to potentially fund a scholarship program in order to make more scholarships available to Black aspiring doulas, so stay tuned for that!

Full Scholarships

Each training session currently offers 2 full scholarships (covering the cost of training only) to Black doulas or doulas-to-be
This scholarship can be used for an individual subject training (birth or postpartum, $499 value) or for both ($1000 value).

Partial Scholarships

Partial scholarships are available to those who need assistance in making their doula dreams a reality. We understand that finances can be a barrier to initiating one’s doula career, and we want to help!

We offer these at each round of training:
Two 40% off scholarships (cost of training is $300 per subject, $600 total for both–not eligible to be combined with practicing doula discount)
Two 20% off scholarships (cost of training is $400 per subject, $800 total for both–eligible to be combined with practicing doula discount)

Payment Plans

Those receiving scholarships, and those who are paying full price, are both eligible to utilize a payment plan. With some individual exception, payment plans are offered in a 6 month pay off structure or faster, regardless of total cost of your training. 

Obtaining a Scholarship or Payment Plan

To sign up for a scholarship or payment plan, please send us an email to Put whether you are seeking a scholarship, payment plan, or both in the subject line. If you are seeking the full scholarship, please put that in the subject line as well. Our full scholarships are only available to Black doulas or aspiring doulas, as our way of actively addressing the disproportionate health outcomes in the Black community, specifically during childbearing. To qualify for our partial scholarships, we ask that you please give us insight into your financial barriers, so we make sure these scholarships are going to folks who need the support and wouldn’t be able to afford the training otherwise. Payment plans are available to anyone who asks. 

 Once we receive your inquiry, we will be in touch as soon as possible. If you do not hear from us within 1 week, feel free to reach out again.