Mission Statement

To embody anti-racism, inclusivity, affirmation of the Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Queer, Neurodiverse, and Disabled Communities.

To provide accessible doula training to Black persons.

To promote the doula role as one of advocacy and social justice work.

To promote the embodiment philosophy inclusive of connecting our clients to the voice of their body and their intuition; recognizing our “human animality”; honoring the sexuality of birth and human sexuality in general; and honoring the inner psychic/spiritual landscape of pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood

To promote that babies are people with personhood and inherent right to respect.

To support new parents in navigating their evolving identities and roles.

To educate doulas in a way that sets them up for successful, sustainable careers including business coaching, tangible insight into how to practice as a doula, and as ongoing mentorship. 

To offer lifetime certification and a certification process that acknowledges the needs of doulas today.