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Be the change you want to see in your community. Embody what it means to be a doula.

Embodied Doula Trainings

We offer birth & postpartum doula trainings to folks who want to redefine what it means to be a doula. Our trainings offer a fresh perspective to how we serve our clients, how we run our businesses, and how we impact our communities. Being a doula is more than having a passion for birth, new families, or newborns. It’s being an entrepreneur, collaborating with your colleagues, and creating resources for pregnant people and new families, all in an effort to bring more dignity and respect to the life changing experience of family-making. You’ve got the spark inside you, now join us, learn, and hone your craft as an embodied doula!

Student Testimonials

I really loved it. It was thorough and well-planned. The manual that was provided was unbelievable! So professional and well thought. I appreciate this.

Emily K.

March '21 Birth Training, Memphis, TN

Zoë (trainer) is very knowledgeable and delivers the information in a very easy to digest way. It was fun and comfortable and I am confident moving forward. 

Jessika G.

March '21 Postpartum Training, Memphis, TN

Overall I had I really amazing experience with Zoë (trainer)! She made the setting very real. I would love to take more classes and train with her on the regular. I enjoyed the other students as well. I love how open everyone was and shared different personal experiences. Postpartum was more emotionally intimate. I learned so much about myself while sharing experiences with the other students. I feel very confident in my new doula career.

Amber B.

March '21 Birth & Postpartum Training, Memphis, TN

Amazing training experience. Zoë (trainer) is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. Loved the hands on training and the provided resources.

Sriramya M.

March '21 Postpartum Training, Memphis, TN

I really appreciate the approach of evidence and body autonomy being brought together. I'm glad it was a safe space to talk about situations that may be hard. Overall it was a calm, safe, encouraging training. In the postpartum training, I enjoyed the holistic information combined with evidence, and felt it was very thorough and extensive.

Elizabeth C.

March '21 Birth and Postpartum Trainings, Memphis, TN

I did want to give my feedback of my in-person weekend training with Sam Davis (trainer). It was a wonderful experience and I walked away inspired to embark on my doula journey. Sam is a perfect fit for the training role because of her passion, enthusiasm, empathy, and extensive knowledge of the birth world. The program covered a lot in two days, and I was excited to gain so much knowledge in such a short amount of time. I really appreciated the inclusivity of the program and the flexibility EDT offers its students in their practices--this is really what drew me to the program initially. I look forward to being a forever student of EDT, and I thank you for creating this space of support and knowledge. I'm truly inspired by what you're doing!

Kelsey K.

February '21 Birth Training, Los Angeles, CA

I loved my experience. The class size was perfect. I felt the balance between reading, video, and activity was well balanced. I feel much more prepared. 

Emily D.

March '21 Birth Training, Memphis, TN

It was great. Everything I thought about was covered. Almost all questions were answered before asking. Super informative. I feel very confident from this to jump in.

Morgan K.

March '21 Postpartum Training, Memphis, TN