Train With Us

At Embodied Doula Trainings we offer comprehensive, truly unique trainings to not only spark your passion for birth work, but prepare you for the realities of business ownership, and support you in creating a lifelong career. Please click below to learn more about each program.

Birth Doula

Prenatal preparation & day of birth support.

Postpartum Doula

In-home care for new families.

Childbirth Educator

Prenatal classes to prepare for birth and beyond.

Expansions Courses

Advanced courses for experienced doulas.

Why We Offer certification

As an organization, we believe doula certification is a form of gatekeeping of a type of work that has existed throughout time outside of the medical establishment. The art of supporting birthing people and families in the childbearing year (and during other reproductive and life events, such as menstruation and death) belong to no one people. EDT does not own doula work, nor will be ever claim to be an/the authority on it. Our goal is to provide the doula community with an organization that aligns with the values of doulas we know and work with today. 

In an effort to “blend in” and better be accepted by the medical establishment, many of the first white-led doula orgs began offering certifications. We believe doula certification is problematic–it makes doula work less accessible than it should be, and often puts new doulas through a lot of hoop-jumping busy work. We decided, that since there are doulas who do want certification, we would offer it, with the express understanding that we would never pressure a doula to do so, nor make them feel they have to be in order to practice. 

We also felt that if we were to offer doula certification, that we would make the steps to do so have value to the doula, and not feel like busy work. Each step in our certification process is not only educational, but leads to greater income potential for that doula. Our certification process, once completed, leads to a lifetime certification. So you get to decide for yourself, is completing our certification steps something that feels right to you, or not? We are here to support you either way.