Expansions Courses

Unique trainings to expand the work of experienced doulas.

Expansions courses are for experienced birth and/or postpartum doulas who wish to broaden, deepen, or expand the amazing work you are already doing! 

Whether taking our birth or postpartum Expansions course, you will receive the core DNA of our organization: The Embodied Approach to Doula Work. This approach dives into the inner and outer journeys of birth and postpartum, highlighting the intuitive/body-based wisdom of our clients (and the birth and postpartum process), our human animality/mammalian instincts, and the sexuality inherent in birth and thereafter. 

This course is an intimate space to heal from the dominant doula paradigm, as well as dismantle and unlearn its messages. Rather than ask you to re-train through our org, we offer this for experienced doulas as a way to support you finding your own path. Too many of us have felt misled, harmed, or indoctrinated by the dominant doula ideology, and we are stepping into the new era of what it means to be a doula. We are here to support you in making the sometimes painful, but undoubtedly fruitful rebirth into a new way of thinking about your work. We’re here to be the ones to tell you that what has felt true within you is ready to be seen. 

If you are an experienced doula who has wanted to feel held in your frustrations, witnessed in your successes, and supported in your evolution, these courses are the perfect place for you!

This course may be for you if…

-You’ve been a doula for many years and want to find a new “home” 

-You’ve been a doula for many years and need a certification for COVID regulations but doing a complete re-train would be overkill due to your experience level

-You want to “unlearn” the dominant doula paradigm 

-You see yourself reflected in our community

-You want to heal from abuse you have received from your original doula org, the doula community, etc.

-You want to receive feedback and loving guidance on your business practices, structure, approach

-You want support in creating new offerings, streams of income, etc.

-You want to expand your doula practice by diving deeper into embodied, intuitive work


+6 hours of in-person or virtual instruction
+Comprehensive guide book to read ahead of class and keep in your doula bag for years to come
+1 year of EDT membership
+Lifetime certification upon completing course, no certification process necessary

Cost of Training: $500

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EDT is committed to changing the way doulas are trained and certified.

We feel the time is now to let go of the old doula education paradigm and usher in the training and mentorship that the next generation of doulas deserves.

Therefore, we have centered our birth and postpartum Expansions courses on the topics and techniques that experienced doulas have felt were missing from their original trainings–topics they have felt called to learn for many years.

In this course, depending on your chosen subject, you’ll leave confident in knowing:

+who you are as a doula (who your clients are, what your biases are, what your strengths and gifts are)
+the relationship between doula work and the nervous system
+how to better advocate for your clients, especially in light of covid-19’s impact on hospital birth and patient rights
+the Embodied Method of doula work (which includes understanding the inner landscape of birth, our human animality, the nervous system, and the sexuality of birth)
+how to offer more hands on, holistic care to postpartum moms
+how you want to move forward as a practitioner and business owner
+so much more!

If all of this makes you feel energized and ready to be an EDT doula, click below to reserve your spot in one of our online or in person trainings! 

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Included in tuition is your lifetime certification! 

Once you complete your Expansions course with your trainer, we will mail you your lifetime certification. 

No certification process needed–you already did all of that hard work years ago!