Birth Doula Training

Our birth doula training offers new and experienced doulas a unique and comprehensive approach to learning to supporting families through one of the most profound events of their lives. We prepare you for the beauty and the very real challenges of being with birth. From how to navigate the  medical system, to how to work together, to how to actually run a business; our training is built on more than just passion. You will feel capable and supported when you leave our training, knowing that you have tangible skills you can begin using right away, and knowing that you have ongoing mentorship and community as an EDT doula. Our certification process is also different, because it’s about time someone change the way doulas are trained and certified. We give our certification candidates 18 months to complete the process from the time of their training. We are joining the growing movement of organizations who offer lifetime certification! See below to learn more about our training and certification process.

Our doula training goes beyond the mainstream. Yes, you will learn the basics, but you’ll also receive insight into the Embodiment Method of doula work that founder, Zoë Etkin, has been practicing for nearly a decade. Embodiment doula work extends beyond hip squeezes, fear/pain/tension cycles, “cascades of intervention,” and visualizations. You will learn how to connect to birth, and in turn help your clients connect to their birth, from an embodied perspective. Together we will traverse the often-ignored inner landscape of birth, the sexuality of birth, the human animality of birth, and the profound changes in identity that pregnant families experience as they pass through proverbial threshold. You’ll learn how to meet clients where they are on this journey, and be able to artfully support their growth and change. 

In light of COVID-19, our certification process has also changed so that our doulas are able to attend hospital births right out of training with a temporary certification paper. Once the certification process is complete, you will receive your lifetime certification!

Certification Requirements

New to Birthwork

Brand new to becoming a doula? We're thrilled you have chosen Embodied Doula Trainings. We know our certification process will get you started off well. Here's your path!


If you have trained or certified with another organization, or have 5+ years experience in birth with/without doula training, this is the path for you!


New To Birthwork

Training $499

Membership $100 yearly

Certification Review $150

Trained/ Certified/Seasoned

Training $399 

Membership $100 yearly

Certification Review $150 

Additional materials costs will vary doula to doula. These are the only fees you will owe to EDT, with the exception of late certification review fees. Payment plans are available. Doulas who have taken any of Zoë Etkin’s workshops in the past year are eligible for an additional discount on the cost of training. 

Ready to start your journey as a birth doula?

Birth Doula Trainings 2021

Saturday and Sunday, February 20-21

Location: Santa Clarita, California

Trainer: Samantha Davis
EDT Membership Is Required To Take This Training
Membership Fee: $100, Should Be Paid To eDT Before Or At Time Of Deposit Payment

Tuition Due to Samantha Davis

Payment plans & Other Payment Methods available. Speak to Samantha Davis to confirm options.*

Before you go to pay your tuition deposit for this training, you must pay the EDT Membership fee of $100 to Paypal via the box above (“Buy Now”) or to the email address through the Paypal app or website. To pay tuition for the February, 2021 birth doula training in Santa Clarita, California, please click here:

Birth Doula Trainings 2021

Thursday & Friday, March 4 & 5

Location: Memphis, TN

Trainer: Zoë Etkin

EDT Membership Is Required To Take This Training
Membership Fee: $100, Should Be Paid Before Or At Time Of Deposit Payment

Non-Refundable Deposit of $200 due by January 1
Balance Due February 15

Payment plans & Other Payment Methods available. Please inquire with Zoë Etkin as to what is currently available for this training.*

*If you need to pay your registration fee in smaller chunks, that’s no problem. Just let us know! Send us a message letting us know your circumstances and we will be happy to figure something out. See our Scholarship page if you need support in attending this training. The link above will send you to Paypal, but if you’d like to pay with Venmo, the handle is @zoe-etkin, and CashApp is $zoeetkin. 

Ready to purchase the certification packet?

Hooray! You’ve completed your training! In order to become certified as an Embodied Doula Trainings Birth Doula, you must purchase the certification packet. This packet includes all of the paperwork and requirements listed above. The certification packet costs $150, which covers certification review, when the time comes that you return it to us. Once we assess your packet for completion, we will send you your certification papers and you will be a lifelong certified doula through Embodied Doula Trainings. No further money will be owed toward your certification, but we’d love you to maintain your membership each year! Thank you for choosing Embodied Doula Trainings.